Brindisi, Italy

The Golden church sponsors Franco Verardi, a native evangelist working with several congregations in the boot heel of Italy. He is also involved and speaks at many Youth Meetings all over Italy and in Albania. Franco and his wife, Anna Maria, were at Golden on April 6th to give a report of his work in Italy. 

HEALTH TALENTS INTERNATIONAL - is a church of Christ short-term medical mission evangelistic outreach in which members at Golden join Surgical or Medical/ Dental teams to use their talents and demonstrate God's love by providing healthcare in Guatemala and Nicaragua. 

Members also sponsor 6 ABC children of desperately poor Christian families by providing food, clothing medical-dental care and education. If you would like to sponsor a child please contact Tom Ratts.  






ETERNAL THREADS - is a Mission Support Project through churches of Christ to bring hope to impoverished women in India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Madagascar, and Nepal. 

Golden held a "Gathering" raising $984 for the project in 2013. The 2nd & 3rd Grade Bible Class collected money from their chores to help buy a goat for a family along with two other goats purchased by individual Golden members.