Golden Church of Christ is currently searching for a full time preacher.

Come work with us to share the message of Christ in beautiful Golden, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains!

To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume to:

Job description:


JOB: Preacher for the Golden church of Christ, A full time position for a Man

PURPOSE: To serve the congregation as a preacher and to work with the elders, other leaders, and each member to "Equip God's family to serve and save the families in our community".

1. Pulpit preaching.

a. Preach at Sunday A.M. services.

b. Participate in Sunday P.M. services.

2. Teaching.

a. Teach at least one class per week in Bible school.

b. Conduct training courses for men, young and old, to encourage development of skills in personal Christian relationships, speaking, public worship, and leadership.

c. Assist with Bible School direction.

d. Maintain an evangelistic focus in everything, and encourage the family to do it also.

3. Management.

a. Serve as a team leader to coordinate office procedures, secretarial staff and other items relating to providing the congregation with an efficient service center.

b. Edit, write articles, and insure quality of weekly bulletin.

c. Assist the Deacons with their ministries.

d. Assist with Youth Group

e. Maintain regular office hours. Times and hours to be determined.

4. Counseling.

a. Provide pre-marital counseling and other counseling to those who desire it.

-As the preacher, you will be allowed two weeks per year vacation time to use as you desire. You will have two days off per week to use as you desire.

-Time taken away from Golden for meetings, workshops, and/or lectures shall be at the discretion/permission of the elders. This will not take away from vacation time.

- The elders will meet with the preacher on a regular basis to provide regular evaluations and to encourage spiritual and numerical growth in the Golden family.